Build a Brighter Future About RESA

This company began its mission in 2012 to help women and girls to live a fulfilled life. The owner adopted the name RESA, even though the organization was not fully formed. During this time, the owner of the company volunteered with various non-profit organizations, assisting women and children dealing with domestic violence, homelessness, and former incarceration, which makes a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.


A woman in the U.S is assaulted or beaten.
In the United States, an average of 20 people is physically abused by intimate partners every minute.

Abuse Victims Annually

Due to the statistics of women who continuously experience domestic violence, this is a statistic that cannot be ignored.


Are currently incarcerated in American prisons and jails, while more than a million are under some form of correctional control.

Every Night
Homeless Persons

In the District of Columbia alone.

With these statistics in mind, and having dealt hands on with the various groups of disadvantaged individuals, Dr. Joan Henry-Fields, in 2016, registered RESA as a 501 (c) 3 organization that will help meet the needs of these individuals on a much larger level.

Additionally, Joan has been hosting semi-annually, for the past 8 years, conferences and workshops that are designed to provide training programs and strategies to help women become self-sufficient, explore ways to develop a positive self-concept, explore ways to implement and evaluate the decisions that affect their lives, discover how they perceive themselves as well as how others see them so they can move into entrepreneurship roles. These women are taught by other business professionals with diverse business backgrounds.

During these years, several noteworthy individuals attended and participated in the events namely, Miranda Jackson (Overseer of the National Harbor Project, Maryland), Pat Lawson Muse (News Anchor of NBC4 TV), Herman Taylor (Former Montgomery County Delegate), to name a few. Joan received a letter of endorsement from Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown, for her dedication and commitment to helping women and girls of the community.